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Fun Family Vacation Spots in Austin Texas

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Planning a weekend getaway? Austin is one of the most exciting places to visit as it has several attractions that your family, especially the kids, will surely enjoy!

Austin Tx

Springs and Pools in Austin

Austin’s natural springs and pools are just perfect for chilling out during the hot summer days. If you’re a nature lover, you will love to dive and swim in the most-visited springs and pools in Austin:

Hamilton Pool is a swimming hole in Texas that is known for its constant water level even during drought periods. It is located at the base of a 50-foot tall waterfall, formed through the spills of Hamilton Creek. Endowed with a stunning grotto, Hamilton Pool Preserve is a magnificent place to swim in. This natural swimming area is part of the 30,428-acre Balcones Canyonlands Preserve. Take your family and walk inside the walls of the gorgeous grotto or go for a hike to the Pedernales River — other ways to enjoy the place aside from stepping under the waterfall or having a picnic by the beach area (very small part).

Barton Spring Pool is a wide pool that is 3 acres in size and has an average temperature of 68 degrees all year round. The pool’s clear water comes from underground springs and is 0’ to 18’ in depth. Grassy areas with beautiful trees surround the pool. Next to the pool bathhouse is Splash! which is an educational exhibit where everybody who visits can discover the history and biology of Barton Springs.

One of the prettiest man-made pools in Austin is the Deep Eddy Pool which is near downtown. It became known for it is the oldest pool in Texas that was built during Depression era. Visit the place and see the majestic features of this historic pool.

Austin’s Educational Parks and Zoos

Austin Nature and Science Center features a small zoo area with local animals and a water area which is currently being enhanced.  The best part is of the park is the dinosaur area, definitely what your children would love to see.

Another great place to visit is Austin Zoo. Explore the entire zoo by walking which normally takes more than an hour, or by riding on their train which takes up to 15 minutes, and view the animals up close. The zoo is a great venue for educational trips.

A scenic view that allows you and your family to do biking and hiking is the city’s Hike and Bike Trail at Lady Bird Lake. An urban trail along the lake’s edge is the Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail which is the most prevalent recreational area in Austin.

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What Do Appliance Repair Companies Help With?

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Residential Appliances
There are many great services you can get from an appliance repair. Homeowners should learn about these services so they know what they can do if they have trouble with their home appliances. Do research on who can help and then you’ll want to ask about these services the next time you need them.
A service company may be able to help fix appliances for free if they have a warranty attached to them. Some people are licensed to work on specific brands that are under a warranty because they work for that company and they can get reimbursed for the work that they do. This is why you want to make sure you get warranties on anything that you buy that is expensive like a residential appliance. That way, if you have a problem with it breaking down or not working right, you don’t have to pay a ton of money to get it working again.
An appliance may need to be replaced. Before that can happen, you have to figure out what is going to work well for your home and what you probably are going to want to avoid. For instance, you may find that there are options that you can get into place that save you a lot of money over time because they don’t use that much energy or resources. Then there may be something that’s very cheap, but over time, you will find out that it will actually cost you more money than a better appliance.
What are the different ways that a household appliance repair business can help you? It should be more clear to you now what to expect. These services should come in handy and can save you a lot of frustration as a homeowner.

Top Three Fishing Locations In Texas

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One of the greatest outdoor activities that the people of Texas enjoy doing is fishing. The state of Texas has about 4,959 square miles of inland water, making it the first among the 48 contiguous states. It is renowned for its exceptional bass fishing, and thus pointing out the very best fishing locations may not be easy, but here are the top three.  No Austin Texas lakes made the top 3.
Fork Lake

Fork Lake has been christened as the best fishing grounds in Texas for its big bass. It produces state-record bass because the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department managed the land beneath it before it was inundated. Before it was closed, big Florida bass were introduced into small ponds and lakes, thereby enabling it to produce state-record bass almost immediately. Since it is only a few hours from Dallas, it attracts a lot of people meaning that you won’t be fishing alone.

Austin Texas River
Choke Canyon Reservoir

This body of water is located about an hour south of San Antonio and it is to the west of Beeville. It is near three rivers and has an acreage of around 25, 733. There is plenty of fish in this reservoir, ranging from bass, crappies and the three types of catfish (channels, flatheads, and blues). The cover is sufficient, and the terrain is just perfect for the working points. In fact, fishing tournaments are regularly held here.
Victor Braunig Lake

This lake is only 17 miles south of downtown San Antonio and one of the best fishing spots in South Texas. It is usually warm because it is a power plant cooling lake. This warmth together with the presence of a good mineral base allows it to have a broad array of fish. Victor Braunig Lake is brimful of redfish, the hybrid stripers, as well as catfish.
If you, therefore, want to fulfill your fishing urge or shed off some stress, you can consider stopping by any of the above locations, and you won’t be disappointed.

Europe is better for outdoor recreation

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Europe is better for outdoor recreation

I am not saying that I am an adrenaline junkie, but I really enjoy in some unordinary activities. People, who want to relax after a hard day at work, usually go home to watch TV or go to a bar to drink beer with friends. I am not saying that I don’t enjoy those activities but I prefer physical activity and I mean it all the time. When I go to work, I go by bicycle, in my spare time I go running, I spend evenings in the gym. But that kind of things can get bored for a while. That’s why I go and try all kinds of outdoor activities. People do that every day, but they only do team sports, running and fishing. People probably never tried canoeing or water skiing, or just skiing. Therefore, when I have holiday time, I go to Europe, because people appreciate there more these kinds of activities.


I am a constant attendee of all the main European music festivals. There I can meet new people, listen to their stories, enjoy some good music, but also do all kinds of stuff like camping for example. I visited almost twenty European countries and in every of them I did something extraordinary. Once I went to European festival I Slovakia and there I met with some Swedish people and we together went to Greece for a few days, because that’s how things work in Europe. You meet someone, have a day or two together and you are already a friend with him. After three days of knowing them, I decided to go for a trip with them on a Greek Adriatic sea. There we camped on the beach, and during the day, we went kayaking, sailing, fishing, jet skiing… That adventure lasted only for eight days. Because of the spontaneous behavior of the European people, I already have to tell stories to my grandkids.

150820-Excited-music-fans-up-front-lgIt is funny because all of these stories begin with some music festival. I go there with a tent and few things, meet some people and few days later I am in another country. Once I was in a Hungary listening to a band that isn’t so popular. Because there was a small audience, I met easier to my new friends. They also came to this concert and they wanted to meet another fan of that band we listened to. After the band had finished, we went to our camping spot and drink until the morning. Later the festival was finished and I didn’t have any plan. They told me that they were going to Austria with their bikes to another festival. I bought a bike (things in Europe are much cheaper) and I went with them. Trip lasted three days. In Europe, this looks like a very long trip, but they don’t know about the Route 66 and they are not aware how long it is. After that festival, I booked a flight and returned a home.

These are just some of my adventures in Europe. If you are adventurist like me, then hop in and go over there, because they are friendly and crazy. You can have a great time!